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Tony Berchmans is a composer, professor, music producer and the author of “The Movie’s Music - Everything You’d Like To Know About Film Music”, one of the very few books related to the subject written in portuguese. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Tony began his musical education at the age of seven. Engineer with a degree in Communications, he’s been working on music production for audiovisual, coordinating, composing and producing soundtracks for radio, tv, cinema and internet, across hundreds of projects.

In 2007, Tony Berchmans was the curator of the “1st International Film Music Conference”, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – the first of its kind in Latin America - attended by legendary Ennio Morricone, and composers such as Gustavo Santaolalla and Antonio Pinto, among several other special guests connected to film music. Tony is a Professor in the Postgratuate Masters Course of Music for Films and TV, from University Anhembi-Morumbi, and frequently lectures and presents courses on sound production and film music at a number of important cultural and academic institutions. He also produced and hosted a radio show entitled “Sound Scene” about film music.

In 2010 Tony Berchmans created CINEPIANO, a cine-concert where he improvises live musical score for silent movies. Since then, it has been performed more than 120 times in prestigious brazilian cultural institutions, festivals, venues and open spaces in Brazil and from 2013, in Europe - at events including NattJazz2013 (Bergen, Norway) Teatro Rossi Aperto (Pisa, Italy), Transilvania International Film Festival (Cluj- Napoca, Romania), Wide Skies Film Festival (Hexham, UK), Espaço Espelho D’água (Lisbon, Portugal) and The Cinema Museum (London, UK.)

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