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Auzāns Kārlis
Auzāns Kārlis (LG)
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Kārlis Auzāns is Latvian award winning film, theater and TV composer. He is multi-instrumentalist and plays more than 70 different classical and folk instruments. He is founder of Rock Cello trio “Melo-M” and member of rock band Autobuss Debesis.

Since 2005 Kārlis has written music for more than 40 films and 14 Theater plays. He has been several times nominated and has won National Film Prize Lielais Kristaps as best composer. This year he got Akka/Laa Eternity prize as most broadcasted Latvian composer on TV worldwide in 2019.(For Vitaly Mansky film “Under The Sun”) Kārlis has written music for several National Academy Award selects such as Ivars Seleckis “To Be Continued”, Viesturs Kairišs “Chronicles of Melanie” and Oscar shortlist select animated film “My Favorite War” by Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen which also got nominated for “Golden Mic Award” as best instrumental album 2020. He wrote music for Emmy winning Animation Shorts “My body belongs to me” for Norwegian company Bivrost Film.

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