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The World Soundtrack Academy was created with the aim to organise and oversee the educational, cultural, professional and promotional aspects involved in the art of film music and soundtracks, including the preservation of its history as well as its worldwide promotion. This through the presentation of awards, aimed at the recognition of outstanding achievements, as well as through the development of other promotional activities. The Academy consists of non-voting members, namely partners and sponsors who would like to support the WSA financially, and voting members. Within the voting members, there is a distinction between regular voting members, the advisory board and the honorary board.

World Soundtrack Awards - The World Soundtrack Academy
Mission statement

Launched in 2001 by Film Fest Gent, the World Soundtrack Academy is aimed at organizing and overseeing the educational, cultural and professional…

World Soundtrack Awards -
Advisory board

The WSA Advisory Board is the core group of the World Soundtrack Academy. These key members of the World Soundtrack…

World Soundtrack Awards -
Honorary members

The WSA Honorary Board contains honorary members of the World Soundtrack Academy. These film music experts are consulted whenever necessary. 

World Soundtrack Awards -
Academy voting members

WSAcademy voting members can decide who wins the Film Composer of the Year, Best Original Song written directly for a…

World Soundtrack Awards - Membership World Soundtrack Academy
More on memberships

Membership in the World Soundtrack Academy consists of Voting Members and Non-Voting Members.

World Soundtrack Awards Rule Book

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WSA Film Music Composition Contest 2019

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