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InMICS Composers Lab

The InMICS Composers Lab offers InMICS students the unique opportunity to participate in a series of intensive masterclasses, workshops and training sessions given by renowned professionals.

The InMICS Composers Lab offers InMICS students the unique opportunity to participate in a series of intensive masterclasses, workshops and training sessions given by renowned professionals. The Composers Lab is organised by and takes place at the three participating festivals: Film Fest Ghent, Festival International du Film d'Aubagne and Krakow Film Music Festival.

InMICS programme at Film Fest Ghent 2021

  • Wednesday 20 October

    WSA Industry Days - Part II: Music in Games

    • 13:00 - Masterclass: Music and Sound Design in Games (by Alex Otterlei)
    • 14:00 - Panel Talk: Rights & Royalties in Game Music (moderator: Youri Loedts)
    • 15:30 - Composer's Talk: Austin Wintory (moderator: Annette Gentz)

    20:30 - VIDEODROOM: Daughters of Darkness

  • Thursday 21 October

    10:00 - WSA Industry Days - Part III: Film Music Seminar with Natalie Holt (moderator: Ruben De Gheselle)

    12:15 - Matchmaking Film & Composition Students

    WSA Industry Days - Part IV

    • 13:30 - Masterclass: How to Enter the Film Music Market (by Lesley Jackson)
    • 14:30 - Panel Talk - InMICS Composers Lab (Samya Papasoff, Yi-Jia chen, Görkem Ağar, Sandro Manzon, Filip Rathé, Annette Gentz) (moderator: Michael Lyczek)
    • 15:30 - Masterclass: Everything in Minor: How a Business Frustrates Its Creatives (by Stephan Eicke)
    • 16:30 - Composer Talk with Daniel Pemberton (moderator: Tommy Pearson)

    18:15 - Reception InMICS Composers Lab

    20:15 - Screening: Clara Sola

  • Friday 22 October

    10:00 - Matchmaking Third Character

    WSA Industry Days - Part V

    • 13:15 - Panel Talk - Sketching with Music: Clara Sola (Ruben De Gheselle, Nathalie Álvarez Mesén)
    • 14:00 - Composer Talk: Scoring Documentaries with Nainita Desai (moderator: Tommy Pearson)
    • 15:30 - Composer Talk with Max Richter (moderator: Tommy Pearson)

    20:30 - Concert: Great Greek Composers

    22:00 - WSA Networking Dinner

  • Saturday 23 October

    10:00 - InMICS Composers Lab: Pitch

    WSA Industry Days - Part VI

    • 12:30 - Meet & Greet with Music Guests
    • 13:30 - Q&A with Dirk Brossé, Max Richter, Eleni Karaindrou, Evanthia Reboutsika (moderator: Tommy Pearson)
    • 14:30 - Panel Talks with WSA Nominees: Standing out as an artist in the contemporary film music industry - with Benji Merrison, Amelia Warner, Ralf Wengenmayrs, Marvin Miller, Susan DiBona, Salvatore Sangiovanni, Gavin Brivik, Florencia Di Concilio, Anthony Willis, Emile Mosseri, Carlos Rafael Rivera (moderators: Milena Fessmann & Matt Mueller)

    20:00 - 21st WSA Ceremony & Concert

    23:00 - WSA Reception

    23:00 - Closing Party Film Fest Ghent

International Master in Composition for Screen

The InMICS Composers Lab is an essential component of the International Master in Composition for Screen (InMICS), an educational programme designed for the modern generation of screen composers and the challenges they will face in the contemporary landscape of filmmaking and composing. The participating higher arts education institutions are the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon (France), the School of Arts Ghent (Belgium), Conservatorio di Musica Giovan Battista Martini (Bologna, Italy) and the Faculté de musique de l'Université de Montréal (Canada).

InMICS Composers Lab

Through the InMICS Composers Lab, developed with the support of the Creative Europe Culture programme of the European Union, the students are immersed in an international professional environment, enhancing their employability on the international market. It is built around five main keystones, which are developed at each of the festival visits.

  1. First steps into the industry: during this series of masterclasses and workshops, professional experts teach several theoretical topics concerning the business side of composing for screen. They will explain all about the legal and administrative part of the job.
  2. Artistic collaboration between composer, director, sound designer and editor: the creation of original music is a very important component of audio-visual production. In order to stimulate the artistic symbiosis of music and images, the composer is best included from the very beginning of the creative process.
  3. Recording music for audio-visual projects: several international experts will introduce the InMICS students to the realities of contracting, conducting and music supervision. The students will have the opportunity to record (a part of) their composition during a hands-on workshop.
  4. Innovation – composing for new visual media and/or how new technologies (can) influence your composition: nowadays we are surrounded by a growing number of audio-visual media of different types. The boundaries between productions for film, series, virtual reality, 360° experiences and interactive web documentaries are fading. It is important that ‘screen’ composers have an open mind towards this great diversity of audio-visual media.
  5. The industry today: by participating in panel discussions, young screen composers will be updated about the recent evolutions of the constantly changing and challenging audio-visual production industry.

Along with gaining a better understanding of these topics, students participate in several networking opportunities with different cultural stakeholders within the film (music) industry: emerging and established composers, filmmakers and producers, agents, publicists, orchestrators, sound designers, editors, and music and sound supervisors. In this way the InMICS students start building their network as early as possible.

For more info on the joint master's degree programme and how to apply, you can go the the official InMICS website.

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