The academy

Mission statement

Launched in 2001 by Film Fest Gent, the World Soundtrack Academy is aimed at organizing and overseeing the educational, cultural and professional aspects of the art of film music, including the preservation of the history of the soundtrack and its worldwide promotion. The latter through the presentation of awards as well as through the development of several other promotional initiatives.

The awards should only be seen as a start. The World Soundtrack Academy is in the process of developing new initiatives that fit in the academy's mission statement.

The academy also actively contributes to the study of this form of art through organizing seminars, workshops, master classes, etc. as well as through the future publication of these studies and the development of an archive.

Together with Film Fest Gent, the World Soundtrack Academy will also develop initiatives that are aimed at offering a strong platform to emerging film music talent in Europe.

The idea to set up the academy actually comes from a number of film composers attending the festival, and who considered it best placed to create a non-profit structure that would be able to operate completely unbiased.

Advisory Board

Alexander Darrell (UK) Talent Agent $ url
Arquié Jean-Pierre (FR) Talent Agent imdb
Benitez José Maria (SP) Producer Quartet Records imdb
Brossé Dirk (BE) Composer/Conductor Spotify imdb %
Chamboredon Emmanuel (FR) General manager/Music Producer imdb
Costa Ray (US) Agent/Film music Public Relations imdb
Diego Danielle (US) Executive VP of Fox Music imdb
Dobbelaere Valerie (BE) Coordination music projects Film Fest Gent
Dubrulle Jacques (BE) WSA Board Member imdb
Duynslaegher Patrick (BE) Artistic Director of Film Fest Gent %
Engel Laura (US) Talent agent imdb
Fessmann Milena (DE) Founder of Cinesong/Music Supervisor imdb
Fossen Arvid (BE) Founder of Film Music Site/Editor % $ url
Gaeta Brice (US) Music Agent imdb
Griffiths Isobel (UK) Producer/Agent/Orchestral Contractor imdb
Kraft Robert (US) Composer/Producer/CEO of Kraftbox Entertainment imdb url
Krakower Beth (US) Publicist imdb % $ url
Levine Michael (US) Composer imdb % $ url
Markey Jason (US) Head of Music - STX Entertainment % $
Messinger Robert (US) Talent Agent imdb
Poling Chandler (US) Publicist imdb % $ url
Ponnet Marian (BE) WSA Board member
Poster Randall (US) Music Supervisor imdb %
Ringer-Ross Doreen (US) Vice President Film and TV Music imdb %
Rodford Maggie (UK) Music Producer/Talent Agent imdb %
Sadoff Ronald (US) Director, Film Scoring & Chair, NYU Dept. Of Music & Performing Arts imdb % url
Schwartz Samuel (US) Talent Agent
Stoner David (UK) Director Silva Screen Records
Tempereau John (US) Talent Agent imdb
Tiano Cheryl (US) Talent Agent imdb %
Todd Michael (US) Senior Director Film and TV %
Townson Robert (US) Executive Producer imdb
Umebayashi Shigeru (AF) Composer Spotify imdb %
Vangelos Vasi (US) Talent Agent imdb
Warbeck Stephen (UK) Composer Spotify imdb %
Zimmer Hans (US) Composer Spotify imdb %

Honorary members

Badalamenti Angelo (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Bergman Alan (US) Lyricist/songwriter imdb %
Bergman Marilyn (US) Composer/lyricist imdb % Spotify
Donaggio Pino (IT) Composer imdb % Spotify
Döring Marion (AF) Managing Director imdb url
Doyle Patrick (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Fenton George (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Grabowsky Paul (AF) Composer imdb % Spotify
Knutsen Nancy (US) Special Consultant for Film and Television Music
Luhrmann Baz (AT) Writer/Director imdb
Martin Sir George (UK) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Montan Chris (US) Producer imdb
Stoller Mike (US) Composer imdb
Yared Gabriel (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify

Academy Voting members

Alessandrini Raymond (FR) Composer imdb Spotify
Alonzo Gilles (FR) Composer imdb % url
Altin Rahman (TU) Composer/Producer imdb % $ Spotify
Angel Nick (UK) Composer imdb
Arel Jack (FR) Composer imdb
Armstrong Craig (UK) Composer imdb % $ Spotify
Aston Laurence (UK) Agent imdb
Baartz Natalie (US) Music director imdb
Badelt Klaus (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Bakshi Brandon (UK) Executive Director
Balfe Lorne (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Ballard Glen (US) Producer imdb % url
Bates William (US) Composer imdb
Beal Jeff (BE) Composer imdb % Spotify
Beckmann Michael (DE) Composer imdb
Beilfuss Mike (DE) Agent imdb %
Bellens Hans (BE) Recording studio owner
Beltrami Marco (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Bentham Becky (UK) Agent imdb %
Berchmans Tony (BR) Composer imdb %
Bernard Jean-Michel (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Bernard Olivier (FR) Composer imdb
Bernstein Charles (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Bilous Edward (US) Composer imdb
Black Don (UK) Lyricist imdb
Blazy Hélène (FR) Composer imdb % url
Blechinger Alexander (AT) Composer imdb url Spotify
Bonezzi Bernardo (ES) Composer imdb Spotify
Bource Ludovic (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Bourgouin Lucie (CA) Music Supervisor % url
Boutin Christophe (FR) Composer imdb %
Bowen Bob (US) Producer imdb
Bretsch Uta Ariane (DE) Marketing and Promotion at Colosseum Music Entertainment % $ url
Brion Jon (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Broos Ralph (BE) Chief Operating Officer at Galaxy Studios imdb url
Broos Robin (BE) Journalist url
Burton Alison (UK) Studio Manager of air Lydhurst Studios London imdb
Burwell Carter (US) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Camilleri Lelio (IT) Composer url Spotify
Camo Igor (BA) Composer imdb Spotify
Carlin Daniel (US) Film-music editor/ Supervisor/ Conductor/ Soundtrack Producer/ Educator url
Carlsson Mikael (SE) Composer imdb
Carter Jane (UK) Agent imdb
Casadesus Gréco (FR) Composer/Président de l'UMCF imdb % url Spotify
Cassidy Patrick (US) Composer % $ url Spotify
Chagollan Steve (US) Journalist
Chase Peter (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Christopoulos George (DE) Agency Director imdb %
Civange Julien (FR) Composer imdb % url
Civita Suzi Music Supervisor/Packager and Producer imdb
Clark Rick (UK) Producer imdb
Clarke Nigel (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Clarke Peter (IE) Composer imdb
Clement Shawn (US) Composer imdb %
Cmiral Elia (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Cohen-Solal Philippe (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Colcord Ray (US) Composer imdb %
Collin Marc (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Cominotto Adriano (BE) Composer imdb
Connell Michael (UK) Music Editor imdb
Cord Christian (DE) Composer imdb
Cortez Ed (BR) Composer imdb Spotify
Cosma Vladimir (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Coulais Bruno (FR) Composer imdb Spotify
Crelier Louis (CH) Composer imdb Spotify
Cuello Juan Carlos (ES) Composer imdb
Cuyvers Guy (BE) Composer imdb url
D'Hondt Vincent (BE) Composer imdb
Dangel Lorenz (DE) Composer imdb % Spotify
Davidovici Jacques (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Davies Terry (UK) Composer imdb Spotify
Davis Carl (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Davis Don (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Davison Annette (UK) Dept of Music url
De Benito Mario (ES) Composer imdb Spotify
De Decker George (BE) Composer imdb
De Maeyer Hannes (BE) Composer imdb url Spotify
de Marco Wolfram (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
de Pass Anne-Olga (FR) Composer imdb url
De Smet Francis (BE) Filmproducer/Musicsupervisor for translantic films imdb %
De Vries Marius (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
De Witte Wim (BE) Programmer/Festivalproducer
Debenedictis Dick (US) Composer imdb %
Delauney Maxime (FR) Agent imdb
Desplat Alexandre (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Devreese Frédéric (BE) Composer/Conductor imdb % url Spotify
Dhondt Vincent (BE) Composer imdb
Dikker Loek (NL) Composer imdb % url
Drexler Jorge (ES) Composer/lyricist imdb % Spotify
Dudley Anne (UK) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Dun Tan (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
E. Halfdan (AF) Composer imdb % Spotify
E. Sheila (US) Composer imdb
Eisler Fil (US) Composer imdb %
Elfman Danny (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Ellis Warren (FR) Composer/Producer imdb % $
Eshkeri Ilan (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Eyquem Laurent (US) Composer % $ url Spotify
Eyre Richard (UK) Composer imdb
Falkenstein Roman (LG) Composer/Producer imdb % url Spotify
Fitzpatrick James (UK) Producer % url
Florio Olivier (FR) Composer imdb Spotify
Foster Robin (FR) Composer % $ url Spotify
Fox Tim (US) Promoter
Franglen Simon (UK) Composer imdb %
Fuster Bernardo (ES) Composer imdb Spotify
Gaigne Pascal (ES) Composer imdb % Spotify
Galasso Michael (FR) Composer imdb
Gelb Peter (US) General manager of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City imdb
Gentz Annette (AF) Founder of Music Arts url
Giacchino Michael (US) Composer imdb Spotify
Gimbel Norman (US) Lyricist imdb
Glass Philip (US) Composer imdb Spotify
Glen Andy (UK) Music Editor imdb
Glennie-Smith Nicholas (US) Composer/Conductor imdb Spotify
Goldenthal Elliot (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Goldstein Andrés (AR) Composer imdb url Spotify
Gordon Christopher (AF) Composer imdb % Spotify
Grabowiecka Agata (PL) Krakow Film Music Festival Manager url
Greenaway Simon (UK) Director of Film and TV UK/Europe imdb
Greenspan Anita (US) Talent agent imdb
Gregson Peter (UK) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Gregson-Williams Harry (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Gruska Jay (US) Composer/Songwriter imdb url Spotify
Guerra Alexandre (BR) Composer % url
Guerra Andrea (IT) Composer imdb Spotify
Gunther Broucke (BE) General Manager Brussels Philharmonic % $ url
Gutch Christopher (UK) Agent % $ url
H. Gistelinck Peter (US) Executive Director, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra imdb % $ url
Hadjadj Valentin (FR) Composer imdb url
Hamilton Arthur (US) Composer imdb
Hart Charles (UK) Lyricist imdb url
Hart Rick (UK) Producer/agent imdb %
Harvey Richard (UK) Composer/Conductor/Musician imdb % Spotify
Heil Reinhold (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Heinrich Gabriel (DE) Composer imdb
Helewaut Hans (BE) Composer imdb
Henson Christian (UK) Composer imdb Spotify
Hermy Joris (BE) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Herr Michel (BE) Composer/Arranger/Conductor/Producer imdb % url Spotify
Hewitt Andrew (UK) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Hill Andy (UK) Record Producer/Songwriter imdb
Hoffknecht Daniel (DE) Composer % url
Hoffmann Pia (DE) Musicsupervisor for Film imdb % url
Hollyn Norman (US) Composer imdb
Hoogewijs Johan (BE) Composer imdb % Spotify
Hooper Nicholas (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Horner James (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Howard James Newton (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Howland Sally (AF) Director of the Australian Music Centre/Director of Support Act Ltd
Husom Tim (US) Manager url
Hyldgaard Soren (DK) Composer imdb %
Iglesias Alberto (ES) Composer imdb % Spotify
Illarramendi Angel (ES) Composer imdb % Spotify
Irwin Ashley (US) Composer imdb
Isham Mark (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Jablonsky Steve (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Jernigan Jeff (US) Film and TV Music at ASCAP imdb %
Jones Trevor (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Junior Renato (PT) Composer
Kaada John Erik (NO) Composer imdb %
Kaczmarek Jan A.P. (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Kalantzopoulos Panagiotis (GR) Composer % Spotify
Kantelinen Tuomas (FI) Composer imdb Spotify
Kantor Igo (US) Composer imdb
Kaproff Dana (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Karpman Laura (US) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Kearns Robbi (US) Booking Agent imdb
Kellaway Roger (US) Composer imdb url Spotify
Kent Rolfe (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Kent Season (US) Composer imdb url
Keunen Raf (BE) Composer url Spotify
Kilian Mark (US) Composer imdb %
Kleinschmidt Peer (DE) Composer imdb % url
Knuutinen Jari (FI) Composer imdb
Kohan Neil (US) Talent agent imdb
Kohli Hansjörg (DE) Music Supervisor url
Korn Kevin (US) Agent url
Korzeniowski Abel (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Kraft Richard (US) Talent Agent imdb
Krausz Mischa (AT) Composer/Music Producer/Bassplayer imdb % url
Legrand Michel (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Leib Mitchell (US) President imdb
LeMone Shawn (US) Vice President Film and TV Music/New Media at Ascap
Lemonnier Jérôme (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Lennertz Christopher (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Leonard-Morgan Paul (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Lerouge Stephane (FR) Restorer of Soundtracks imdb
Lewis Michael J. (UK) Composer imdb
Lippens Hugo (BE) Composer % url
Lloyd Webber Andrew (UK) Composer imdb % url Spotify
LoDuca Joseph (US) Composer imdb url Spotify
Lohner Henning (DE) Composer imdb % Spotify
Loos Wolfgang (DE) Composer imdb
Lorenc Michal (PL) Composer imdb % Spotify
Macmillan Patty (US) Talent Agent imdb
Magness Clif (US) Composer imdb Spotify
Mahmood Karzan (SE) Composer imdb %
Malo Nuno (US) Composer % url Spotify
Mann Hummie (US) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Mansell Clint (CA) Composer imdb % $ Spotify
Mansfield David (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Marianelli Dario (IT) Composer imdb % Spotify
Marlowe Gary (DE) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Martijn David (BE) Composer/Producer % url
Martinez Cliff (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
McCann Gerard (UK) Music Editor imdb
McCreary Bear (US) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
McHugh David (US) Composer imdb
McIntosh Heather (US) Composer $ url Spotify
Mendo Luis (ES) Composer imdb Spotify
Merkies Fons (NL) Composer imdb % Spotify
Mertens Wim (BE) Composer imdb % Spotify
Michelino Bisceglia (BE) Composer % url Spotify
Morin Cyril (FR) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Moritz Schmittat (UK) Composer % url Spotify
Morris John (US) Composer imdb Spotify
Mulders Michel (NL) Composer imdb
Mulloy Cathy (UK) Music Professional
Mutal Selma (FR) Composer url Spotify
Mychael Danna (CA) Composer url Spotify
Myles Keller (UK) PRS for Music url
Neely Blake (US) Composer/Conductor imdb % Spotify
Neve Jef (BE) Composer $ url Spotify
Newman Randy (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Newman Amos (US) Talent agent imdb
Newman Melinda (US)
Newman Thomas (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Nordén Adam (SE) Composer imdb % url Spotify
O'Donnell Michelle (AU) Manager Film and TV Music Apra Amcos imdb
Oates Miranda (UK) Music Publisher Eaton Music Limited
Örvarsson Atli (IS) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Overdulve Maurits (NL) Composer imdb
Pallett Owen (CA) Composer, Producer, Lyricist % url Spotify
Pangborn Annabelle (UK) Composer & Sound Designer url
Papadoukas Costa (FR) Composer imdb
Papasoff Samya (FR) Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - International relations/ Film and Music projects % url
Parish John (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Parks Van Dyke (US) Composer imdb Spotify
Pemberton Daniel (UK) Composer imdb $ url Spotify
Petit Jean-Claude (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Petitgirard Laurent (FR) Composer imdb Spotify
Pheloung Barrington (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Piaskowski Robert (PL) Krakow Film Music Festival Manager url
Pierre Alain (BE) Composer imdb Spotify
Pilavachi Costa (UK) Senior Vice-president Universal Music imdb
Pinto Antonio (BR) Composer imdb Spotify
Pipes Douglas (US) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Pope Conrad (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Porter Dave (US) Composer imdb url Spotify
Portman Rachel (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Powell John (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Praulins Ugis (AF) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Price Michael (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Rahman Allah Rakha (UK) Composer % Spotify
Rainey Bradley (US) Agent url
Ramin Ron (US) Composer imdb
Reboutsika Evanthia (GR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Reiser Niki (CH) Composer imdb % Spotify
Renson Patrice (FR) Composer % Spotify
Reuter Ulrich (DE) Composer/Professor at HFF 'Konrad Wolf' Potsdam imdb url Spotify
Revell Graeme (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Reyes Victor (ES) Composer/producer imdb % Spotify
Rinnert Benjamin (DE) Composer imdb
Rodeville Gaëlle (FR) Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - Director % url
Romer Dan (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Rona Jeff (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Rose Earl (US) Composer imdb Spotify
Rosenman Leonard (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Rosenthal Laurence (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Ross Atticus (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Ross William K. (US) Composer imdb url Spotify
Roush Curtis (US) Composer imdb
Russell Christine (US) Talent Agent imdb
Russo Jeff (US) Composer/Producer imdb % $ url Spotify
Sabatés Jordi (ES) Composer/Pianist imdb % url Spotify
Sabbah Marie (FR) Composer Agent & Music Supervisor % url
Salisbury Ben (UK) Composer imdb $ url
Sanacore Denis (CA) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Sanchez Antonio (US) Composer imdb Spotify
Sanderson Jeff (CA) Agent imdb
Santaolalla Gustavo (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Sarde Philippe (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Saunt Tamara (US) Manager url
Sawhney Nitin (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Schell Daniel (BE) Composer imdb Spotify
Schifrin Lalo (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Schilling Andreas (DE) Composer imdb
Schulze Ralf (DE) Producer imdb
Segal Ellen (US) Composer imdb
Senjan Jansen (BE) Composer imdb
Seroka Henri (BE) Composer imdb Spotify
Shore Howard (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Siliotto Carlo (IT) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Silvestri Alan (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Simonsen Rob (US) Composer % $ url Spotify
Slaski Christopher (UK) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Snow Mark (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Solèr Dawn (US) Music Supervisor imdb url
Southern Graham (UK) Director of Catalogue/Agent
Standaert Luc (BE) Managing Director Cricket Hill Music & Media imdb $ url
Stewart Dave (US) Agent/Publicist imdb
Streitenfeld Marc (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Strobel Frank (DE) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Sujatovich Leo (AR) Composer/Pianist imdb % $ url Spotify
Sumén Mauri (FI) Composer imdb url
Syrewicz Stanislas (UK) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Tarrab Daniel (AR) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Tchemberdji Katia (DE) Composer imdb url Spotify
Thielemans Jean (BE) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Thomas Jens (DE) Composer imdb url
Thompson Paul (UK) Composer imdb
Tiersen Yann (FR) Composer imdb % Spotify
Tiffany Pritchard (UK) Journalist $ url
Torikian Gérard (FR) Composer imdb url Spotify
Trapanese Joseph (BE) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Trench Fiachra (AF) Composer imdb % Spotify
Trio Lieven (BE) Journalist $
Urbaitis Mindaugas (LT) Composer/Professor % url Spotify
Van Camp Peter (BE) Journalist $
van Rooyen Laurens (NL) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Vandemaele Kurt (BE) Journalist $
Vanden Eede Johan (BE) Composer imdb %
Varga Stefan (DE) Composer
Velàzquez Fernando (ES) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Verdin Walter (BE) Composer % Spotify
Vermeersch Peter (BE) Composer imdb % Spotify
Vessey Oliver (UK) Composer imdb Spotify
Viana Andersen (BR) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Vidal Lucas (US) Composer imdb % $ Spotify
Vincent Roland (FR) Composer imdb
Vrienten Henny (NL) Composer imdb % Spotify
Walden Snuffy (US) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Wall Jean-Paul (SE) Composer imdb Spotify
Wallfisch Benjamin (UK) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Walter Dick (UK) Composer imdb url
Wang Zhiyi (US) Composer imdb % $
Warkentien Beate (DE) Managing Director at European FilmPhilarmonic % $ url
Weil Cynthia (US) Composer imdb %
Wentworth Rick (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Werba Marco (IT) Composer imdb % $ url Spotify
Wesselburg Loy (DE) Composer imdb url
Westlake Nigel (AF) Composer imdb % Spotify
Willaert Steve (BE) Composer imdb url Spotify
Williams John (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Wingo David (US) Composer imdb Spotify
Wintory Austin (US) Composer imdb $ Spotify
Wiseman Debbie (UK) Composer imdb % Spotify
Wolf Peter (US) Composer imdb % url
Wyclef Jean (US) Composer/lyricist imdb
Yevtushenko Sergey (AF) Composer imdb Spotify
Yezerski Michael (AF) Composer imdb % url Spotify
Young Christopher (US) Composer imdb % Spotify
Zacharias Stephan (DE) Composer imdb % Spotify
Zack Andrew (US) Agent url
Zeitlin Benh (US) Composer/Director % url
Zimmerman Bob (NL) Composer imdb % Spotify
Zippel David (US) Musicaltheatre Lyricist imdb %

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