Terence Blanchard by Henry Adebonojo

Choose a bonus track for our Terence Blanchard album!

Published on 09/08/2017

The team behind the World Soundtrack Awards, Brussels Philharmonic and Terence Blanchard, the guest of honour at our WSA Gala & Concert, are teaming up to create a unique compilation album with some of his most extraordinary film scores, and you can decide which tracks are on it! 

World Soundtrack Awards and Film Fest Gent have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the album. You can still contribute here. To thank all our backers and loyal fans, we have created a poll so you can choose the bonus track. The options are Peace March from 'Chi-Raq', Strike Packs Up from 'Clockers' and Funeral Dirge from 'When The Levees Broke'. 

The World Soundtrack Awards Gala & Concert takes place on the 18th of October. Tickets are available here


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