Film Music Seminar

Each year Film Fest Gent organizes a Film Music Seminar in collaboration with the University College Gent, School of Arts and curated by dr. Martine Huvenne. Year after year, important film music professionals teach participants about film music and/or sound design.

This year's Film Music Seminar will take place on Tuesday 17 October 2017 from 09:30 to 16:30 at Vooruit Ghent with a focus on jazz music in movies, the creative collaboration and communication between film maker and composer and different approaches for audiovisual productions. 

More info about the Film Music Seminar 2017 soon.

Meanwhile, take a look at what we did last year:
Honorary guests included Japanese composer and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto (‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’, ‘The Last Emperor’, ‘The Revenant’, 'Wild Palms'), American composers Jeff Beal (‘House of Cards’, 'Carnivale', 'Rome') and Jeff Russo (‘Fargo’, 'The Night Of', 'The Returned') and Danish composer Karsten Fundal (‘Flame and Citron’, ‘The Art of Crying’, ‘Shadow World’) and director Johan Grimonprez ('Shadow World'). 

The Speakers

Martine Huvenne - curator and moderator
Dr. Martine Huvenne is researcher and lecturer sound and music for film at the Faculty of Audiovisual Arts of  the School of Arts Gent, University College Ghent and LUCA School of Arts. She promoted in 2012 with a PhD on “Sound as Inner Movement in the Transfer of Experience in film: a Phenomenological Approach” at the University of Amsterdam. Her research and teaching is focused on the auditory part in the creative part of filmmaking.
Martine Huvenne is curator and co-organizer of the Ghent Film Fest’s annual seminar on music and sound design in film. She also coordinates EPAS, the European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound (

More to be confirmed.

Past events:

  • 2016: Music for Film / TV / Documentary with Jeff Beal, Jeff Russo, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Johan Grimonprez & Karsten Fundal
  • 2015: British Film Music: George Fenton, Craig Armstrong, Daniel Pemberton
  • 2014: French Film Music: Thierry Jousse & Bruno Coulais
  • 2013: Music for Films: team work? with Dirk Brossé, Rachel Portman & Dario Marianelli
  • 2012: Sound Design with Michel Schöpping
  • 2011: Sound Design and Editing with Walter Murch
  • 2010: Collaboration between composer & filmmaker: Stephen Warbeck
  • 2009: Composing for Asian Cinema with Shigeru Umebayashi
  • 2008: An audiovisual symbiosis: Gabriel Yared & Anthony Minghella
  • 2007: Relation between film music & sound: Mychael Danna, Steve Munro & Annabelle Pangborn
  • 2006: Film Music & Emotion? Willem Thijssen, Simon Lenski, Frank Duchêne, Johan Hoogewijs, Tom Kestens & Geoffrey Enthoven 
  • 2005: Music or no music? Larry Sider, Mart Van den Burken, Eavesdropper, Michael Weilacher, Silvia Defrance, Hans Spilaert, Frodo Kuipers