World Soundtrack Awards - Overview

SABAM Award For Best Young International Composer
Award presented to the best young composer under the age of 36. For each winner of this competition, this signifies an important first step toward a professional career a s film composer. The composer is judged by an international professional jury, chaired by conductor and music director Dirk Brossé.
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Best Original Score for a Belgian Production
This award is aimed at encouraging local talent who composed an original score for a Belgian feature film with a Belgian director. Only 5 candidates per voting year are presented to the World Soundtrack Advisory Board that votes for the final 3 nominees. 

Discovery of the Year
Award presented to emerging film music talent who, at the time of the WSA eligibility deadline, have not scored more than six feature films in total. Shorts, TV-formats and documentaries or features given a limited release are excluded. Judged by the World Soundtrack Advisory Board.
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Television Composer of the Year
Since 2016, the WSA has also been giving the spotlight to music from television series. For this award, only the principal composer, responsible for at least 50% of the Original Soundtracks/Scores of the entire season, has a chance to win this prize.

Film Composer of the Year
The award goes to the composer considered to have achieved the best work produced that year. Award can be presented in respect of one film or in respect of a body of work over the course of the year. The composer is judged by the World Soundtrack Academy.

Public Choice Award
All soundtrack and film music fans worldwide are asked to cast their vote for what they consider the best soundtrack of the past 12 months (for any feature film released between 1 JULY, 2016 and 30 JUNE, 2017). The soundtrack that gets the highest number of votes will receive the Public Choice Award. Only one vote per person is allowed. The voting procedure is monitored by PwC. The voting period is set from 2017-07-03 to 2017-09-08.

Best Original Song Written Directly For A Film
Award presented for the best result of creative interaction between filmmaker and composer. An original song is a clearly audible, intelligible, substantive edition of both lyrics and melody used in a film. The song is judged by the World Soundtrack Academy.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Award presented to the composer deserving to be honoured for his entire film music career and extraordinary body of work. It is judged by te Wold Soundtrack Advisory Board.

All music, expect for the Lifetime Achievement Awards & SABAM Award for Best Young International Composer, must have been released between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017.